Passing an exam is necessary to obtain a 'Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering' (CPRE) certificate of a certain level.The exams are conducted by licensed Certification Bodies (Examination Institutes).

Form of the Exam

The exam can be taken either

The questions as well as the length of time given are the same with both types.

Online Exams

Currently online exams are conducted only by our partner iSQI (see Certification Bodies) via PEARSON VUE. There is a guide for online examinations via PEARSON VUE as well.

Places of Exam

The exam is either conducted

  • Right after a training at the training provider or
  • At a place assigned by the certifier.

If you attend a training the training provider will also organize the exam with the certification body.


The pricing for the certification is fixed by each Certification Body individually and may differ for different countries. You’ll get information about the pricing for a certain country directly from the responsible Certification Bodies.


All relevant terms are defined in the CPRE Glossary

The certificate 'Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering'

The IREB Certification Model consists of three subsequent levels:

Prerequisite for certification of a certain level is having obtained the certificate of the previous level.

IREB has stipulated an exam process for each level of certification and has defined the minimal requirements regarding the exam location.

IREB also provides the exam questions. Those are consistent worldwide and provided in several languages (see Foundation Level and Advanced Level).

According to the standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012 IREB is not involved in the certification process, this is under the sole responsibility of the Certification Bodies! Therefore the Certification Bodies licensed by IREB conducted the exams, do the evaluation of the results and issue the certificates for examinees who have passed the exam.


The CPRE certificates are valid without a time limit.