FAQ - Training and Examination

Training and Examination

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  • How do I register for the exam?

    The certification bodies offer public examinations or they take the exam after a training. Online exams in a test center are available as well.

    You register for a public examination directly at the certification body. The scheduled dates for public exmaminations are published on their websites.

    Usually the examination subsequent to a training is organized by the training provider. They will handle the registration for you.

    You can also sit for the exam at a training provider without having attended the training. Please contact the training provider in advance in order to clarify the procedure.

  • How does the exam look like?

    The exam in the Foundation Level is a multiple choice questionnaire. For details see the exam regulations of the Foundation Level.

    The exam in the Advanced Level consists of a multiple choice questionnaire and a written assignment. For details see the exam regulations of the Advanced Level.

  • What are the costs?

    According to the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard IREB is neither involved in trainings nor in the examinations. Therefore IREB has no influence on the costs.

    The costs for trainings are fixed by the training providers.

    The costs for the exam can vary for different countries; they are fixed by the certification bodies.

  • Where do I find practice exams?

    Practice exams for both, the Foundation Level and the Advanced Level, are available for download in the download section.

  • Where do I find trainings?

    Trainings are provided by IREB's recognized training providers.

FAQ - Cooperation


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  • At whom targets the Partner Program?

    The IREB Partner Program addresses to companies worldwide who show their commitment to sound requirements engineering by certifying their employees according to IREB. Further information can be found on the partner program pages.

  • How can I become a recognized CPRE training provider?

    A contract of recognition is closed between the IREB GmbH and the training provider. Further information can be found on the partner page.

  • How can I contribute to IREB?

    As an open organization IREB invites everybody to contribute to its mission. Please contact us if you are interested to support us on an honorary basis.