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Brightest NV

Brightest was founded from the idea that delivering qualitative software is a complex and continuous process, that needs specialized focus. From the first days of its existence, the role of the human being in achieving quality and success has always been emphasized at Brightest.

Together with the strong belief that the team is always stronger than the individual, these are basis of our values:

It’s our goal to make high quality software evident and accessible for any organization.
In our training portfolio we have other trainings:

You can find the latest trainings on our website www.brightest.be

Trainings (Level)
Foundation Level - Präsenz-Schulung
Kehlen, Kontich, Utrecht
Trainings (Länder)
Belgien, Luxemburg, Niederlande
Trainings (Städte)
Kehlen, Kontich, Utrecht, Wavre

Brightest NV
Satenrozen 10
2550 Kontich

Telefon: +32 3 450 88 42

E-Mail Website