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At Heeyoo we use our expertise in quality management techniques to ensure the successful implementation of all your ICT projects and processes, delivering a significant contribution to cost management, reductions in throughput and delivery times and improvements in the quality of your service provision and customer satisfaction levels.

We set ourselves apart through our commitment and flexibility. Our position as an independent organisation means that we have only your interests at heart. We don't promote any proprietary system or methodology. Instead we will identify the approach that delivers the best contribution in your specific circumstances.

We are leaders in our professional field. Our workforce of 200 is kept busy with the testing, monitoring and improvement of the ICT systems and processes of a large number of clients in a wide range of sectors. Our staff have also made a significant contribution to development in our field through the publication of various books and articles. The basis of this expertise is publically accessible via the knowledge bank on this website.


Heeyoo professionals are independent specialists in the application of quality management to ICT. For more than a decade now we have been demonstrating that every ICT project can be brought to a successful conclusion, provided the appropriate quality measures are introduced.

Our services cover the areas of Requirements, Quality Assurance, Testing, Functional Management and Direction, in relation to specific projects or the ongoing general processes within your organisation. You can call on us to deliver specific services, or place an entire project in our hands.

We can assist with improvements to the performance of your systems, we provide training and coaching and carry out research with the aim of preventing unnecessary rectification costs and project over-runs.

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AL Elicitation - Practitioner

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Computest Consultancy B.V.
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