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Improve Quality Services

Improve Quality Services BV offers training, consultancy and interim services in the area of testing, quality management and requirements engineering. We help our clients to improve the quality of their IT products.

Training Courses and Workshops

Improve Quality Services Ltd. is a Dutch organization and therefore offers its services primarily to The Netherland (and Belgium). This with the exception of professional training which is marketed and run internationally.

Test courses

• ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing
• ISTQB Advanced Certificate in Software Testing
• ISTQB Expert Level in Software Testing
• TMap Next Test Engineer & Test Manager
• Certified Agile Tester
• Rapid Software Testing
• Test Automation

QA Courses

• Quality Level Management
• Reviews and Inspections
• TMMi
• TPI Next

Requirements Engineering Courses

• IREB CPRE Foundation Level
• IREB CPRE Advanced Level
• Certified Agile Business Analyst


Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan 30
5613 AM Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Trainings (Level)
Foundation Level Advanced Level - Elicitation Advanced Level - Modeling
Baarn Eindhoven
Trainings (Länder)


Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan 30
5613 AM Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Telefon: +31 40 20 218 03

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