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asapp IT GmbH

Training to become a certified Professional Requirements Engineer – Foundation Level

The asapp-IT specializes in professional services of requirements analysis, programming and project management with middle to large scale software and hardware projects in the Automotive sector and areas of the Public sector. Our engaged consulting services, shaped through experience and competence, is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We offer everything from requirements engineering to project management and programming skills. We now also offer IREB certified training courses in ‘Requirements Engineering Foundation Level’, and look forward to welcoming you to our trainings.

The quality of requirements engineering is what ultimately decides the fate of every developing project. Through our training, you will be taught the basic terminology as well as the most important tested models, methods, processes and tools of requirements engineering, which you will subsequently be able to translate easily into daily situations. You will learn which crucial factors lead to success, and how positive and effective needs and demands are developed, described and implemented in projects. Last but not least, you will be excellently prepared for the official certification of ‘Certified Professional Requirements Engineering – Foundation Level‘ from the International Requirements-Engineering Boards (IREB e.V.). Our training is developed using the IREB curriculum, insuring that you will enter the examination fully prepared and with confidence.

Contents and Agenda:

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Order of Events:

The training is spread out over three days – every day begins at 8:30am and ends at 5:30pm. The training is set out in an interactive setting with plenty of practical exercises, to give you the chance to translate what you have learnt into everyday situations. At the end of the last training day you will have the opportunity to take the official ‘CPRE- Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (Foundation Level)’ examination.


André Ferreira Sadlo is the founder and manager of the asapp-IT GmbH. He has been active as a requirements engineer in a range of different projects and industries throughout the last years. These include projects with Daimler, AUDI, SCHAEFFLER, Siemens and the Federal Employment Agency of Germany. Along with his knowledge through the certification as a CPRE Advanced Level (Elicitation & Consolidation) requirements engineer, André Ferreira Sadlo draws from a wide spectrum of practical experience from day-to-day work on projects, with which he can enrich the trainings. André Ferreira Sadlo graduated from the Georg-Simon Ohm Hochschule in Nuremberg in 2007 with a degree in Information Systems.

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AL Elicitation - Practitioner

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asapp IT GmbH
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