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Choucair Testing S.A.

Choucair Testing S.A is a company founded in 1999, convinced that a skilled workforce, supported by rigorous methodology and practice, based on ongoing research are the means by which we grow and remain as the market demands.

We offer related services to software testing:


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Our methodology is based on worldwide accepted testing theories, adapted to the needs of the Latin American setting, until accomplishing our own standard methodology, certified by the NTC ISO 9001:2008, which requires us to maintain continuous improvement, supported by the development of our business and of course together with our customers.

Today we have clients in the following sectors: finance, manufacturing and telecommunications, thus confirming the functionality and applicability of our methodology in the areas that buy or produce the software required for their proper operation.

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Foundation Level - Classroom
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Colombia, International
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Choucair Testing: Colombia
Carrera 52 # 14 – 30 Of 421, Centro Empresarial Olaya Herrera

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