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CodeFactory Vienna

CodeFactory is a private educational enterprise founded in Vienna, Austria. Having trained multiple cohorts of talented Fullstack Web Developers, it is CodeFactory’s mission to bridge the gap between the growing demand for highly trained professionals and the lack of opportunity for dynamic and dedicated people to learn the newest technologies required in this field.

Next to Web Development, CodeFactory also offers courses in Java Development, Software Testing and becomming certified Microsoft Administrators.

Seeing the great success of its graduates, CodeFactory prides itself on the fact that there is no "typical CodeFactory student". Our course participants range from teenagers to 40+ students coming from all walks of life as well as numerous educational and professional backgrounds.
At our courses, CodeFactory has hosted students from more than 30 countries of origin. Our graduates proceed to many diverse careers, ranging from startup founders, to project managers and of course professionals in many areas of development.

Next to course participants as private persons, CodeFactory regularly cooperates with business partners and public institutions that dispatch numbers of course participants for both internal advanced training as well as general job qualification.

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Foundation Level - Classroom
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CodeFactory Vienna
Kettenbrückengasse 23 / 2 / 12
1050 Vienna

Phone: +43 660 6673655

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