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Colin Hood Systems Engineering GmbH

Colin Hood, together with his partners in Colin Hood Systems Engineering, supports people and organisations to successfully improve quality and delivery through Systems Engineering techniques in many industries including Aerospace, Automobile, Banking, Chemical, Food, IT, Insurance, Medical, Military, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, and Transport.

Improve Quality

Colin is currently living in the UK, and has lived and worked in various European countries and in America.


Colin Hood Systems Engineering help organisations to organise and deliver education for their teams. Training is useful as part of the overall educational package, but we know that without coaching and feedback training might have little effect. Colin Hood Systems Engineering help your project managers to become effective coaches. We coach the coaches!
Colin Hood Systems Engineering offer training developed specially for your needs. We also offer standard courses for requirements tool training, and also courses in requirements and modelling methods including:
Understanding Requirements: How to ensure that all stakeholders share a common understanding.
Managing Requirements: How to ensure that changes result in versions of requirements that are properly configured.
CPRE: Training resulting in examination for Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering

Colin Hood: Systems Engineering since 1985

Colin Hood is an expert in Requirements Engineering and Requirements Management. Requirements Management is the interface between Requirements Engineering and all Systems Engineering processes such as Risk Management, Project Management, Change Management, Version Management, Configuration Management, Verification and Validation.

Colin Hood started work in the Electrical and Electronic industry in 1977 and has been a Systems Engineer since 1985. Colin Hood is a founding member of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB), and has been a member of INCOSE since 1999.

Colin Hood has written several books on Requirements Management and Requirements Engineering and is often invited to speak at conferences across Europe and America.

Colin Hood has a first degree from Brunel University, a Diploma in Management Studies, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Henley Management College.

Colin Hood's mother tongue is English, he is fluent in German, and has conversational French.

Training Level
Foundation Level - Classroom
Advanced Level - Elicitation - Classroom
Advanced Level - Management - Classroom
Advanced Level - Modeling - Classroom
Advanced Level - RE@Agile - Classroom
RE@Agile Primer - Classroom
Munich, Northampton
Training Locations (countries)


Colin Hood Systems Engineering GmbH
Cyclostr. 45
85229 Markt Indersdorf

Phone: +49 8136 315 900 5

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