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Díaz & Hilterscheid

Established in 1998, Díaz & Hilterscheid Unternehmensberatung GmbH has been successful in the market by responding to the individual needs of its customers in the consulting fields of Financial Services, IT Management & Quality Services, Training Services and IT Law.

The work of the firm’s experienced consulting team excels with substantiated professional analyses and in-depth conceptual work. Consulting is conducted along with the implementation of solutions that integrate domain expertise with the claims of total quality standards.

Financial Services

We support financial institutes when implementing changes in legal regulation and when accomplishing spin-offs, consolidations or migrations of organizations as well as in selecting and implementing standard software solutions.

IT Management & Quality Services

We address analysis based projects and projects implementing IT and Quality Management solutions as well as Quality Assurance. Our projects stand out in the use of established standards and effective methods. Our software tests are supported by our in-house software product CaseMaker which performs systematical test case definition and automatic data generation.

Training Services

Well-founded knowledge is essential for establishing effective processes in an organization. Our qualification program offers the following trainings and seminars:

Additionally, we offer client specific workshops and trainings.

Events & Magazines

Díaz & Hilterscheid complements consulting and training with the organization of the yearly congress „Testing & Finance” (www.testingfinance.com), together with VÖB-Service GmbH. The congress focuses on IT Quality Management and Software Assurance around the specific needs of financial institutions.

Díaz & Hilterscheid also issues the international magazine for testing professionals „Testing Experience” (www.testingexperience.com) which has established itself as a platform for discussion and dynamic exchange of information, used by a great number of professionals active in the fields of IT Quality Management and Software Testing.

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Díaz & Hilterscheid Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Kurfürstendamm 179
10707 Berlin