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FrontEndArt Software Ltd.

FrontEndART Software Ltd. (Hungary, Europe) explores, develops and markets innovative solutions for software quality management.

The methods, tools and services we offer are built upon the many-years experience of the company's key people in the fields of software development, re- and reverse engineering and software maintenance.

Our services

Being a global player in software quality assurance, FrontEndART offers several state-of-the-art tools and related services, all based on the technology named Columbus. We offer:

We offer various trainings for IT-professionals. Our lecturers are professional academic researchers having strong industrial background. Our courses are:

Our solutions

Our product-, service- and competence-portfolio offers solutions for the most essential software quality related challenges:

Training Level
Foundation Level
Training Locations (countries)
Training Locations (cities)
Novi Sad Timisoara

H-6722 Szeged
Zászló u. 3 I./5