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Trimetis GFB IT-Consulting GmbH – Consulting Devision

Since its inception in 1997, Trimetis GFB IT-Consulting GmbH has been helping large corporations in the retail, banking and insurance sectors, public authorities and countless SME clients with their software projects and complex IT tasks.

People with Solutions

We are solution providers with extensive experience in the areas of quality assurance and testing for IT projects. Q-up is our practical and user-friendly standard software for test data management. With Q-up, our customers can efficiently and safely generate and supply high quality test data.

Q-up is the industry standard for test data management and it provides wide and efficient test coverage through the automated provision of qualified test data for any specific testing purpose. Synthetic or anonymized test data are generated as needed according to the customer's own test data strategies and automatically delivered to the relevant test suites. By using Q-up, customers will save time and money but in addition they can also be sure to meet ever increasing data protection and compliance requirements.

Our Services

Our test data management service that is individually tailored to the type and size of test data required in your company ensures data of the highest quality, so that you can improve your existing software environments. This allows you to streamline processes and optimize costs.

Requirements Engineering is an important part of GFB's 6-stage process model (based on the internationally recognized fundamental testing process) which underpins our successful test data management.

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GFB EDV Consulting und Services GmbH
Obere Zeil 2 (Atrium)
61440 Oberursel

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