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The purpose of OBJENTIS Software Integration GmbH is to integrate business solutions, complex technologies and innovation to meet quality assurance goals.

Towards this end, our central business focus is on software quality assurance – from the requirements analysis stage through to the final acceptance procedures.

Services and Products

OBJENTIS counts banks, insurance companies, public authorities and industrial and telecom companies among our clients, for whom our software testing experts provide support in implementing data warehouse solutions, migrating data and automating testing – always with the goal of achieving the highest possible quality within the given economic constraints. The OBJENTIS product and service portfolio comprises:

The demands placed on software and its development are continually changing, which makes innovation a must if quality is to keep pace. Since new ideas have always shaped the evolution of OBJENTIS, they are also a trademark of our products and services. This capacity to innovate is by no means accidental, as OBJENTIS cooperates with research institutions and universities, and also participates in industry competitions.

Training Support

OBJENTIS is accredited by ISTQB to provide software testing trainings, and by IREB to conduct trainings in preparation for certification. All OBJENTIS trainers are expert consultants who regularly contribute to a diversity of software testing projects. Thus, they come from a practical background and train with practical requirements in mind. OBJENTIS training support extends to the following areas, among others:

Requirements engineering and software testing are two complementary elements of quality assurance. For, without updated and complete specifications the defined targets needed for testing the software would be missing. And, conversely, without software testing it would be impossible to verify the correct implementation of the requirements.

With the main business focus squarely on software testing consulting, OBJENTIS is well aware of the hurdles that stand in the way of professional requirements engineering. And, also from practical experience, we are equally aware of the issues of limited resources and time constraints, especially in the early phases of a project. As a result, OBJENTIS’ IREB trainings always supplement the prescribed course content with lessons learned from practical experience, to include the pragmatic economic considerations.

OBJENTIS offers trainings in open public settings, as well as in-house trainings that can be tailored to the needs of the client.

Assessment as a point of departure:

Ultimately, training is most effective when it is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the participants. We therefore optionally offer to conduct a pre-assessment of the development process together with the client, and to make recommendations as to what training measures would be most suitable for building the required know-how. Most importantly, we always follow an economic approach – since neither requirements engineering nor quality assurance makes high quality in the long run and improved efficiency in the short run mutually exclusive.

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