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seitcom GmbH

Seitcom GmbH regards itself as a consultation bureau for software-process consultation, quality assurance, engineering and development.

We place intense focus on consistent high quality and customer satisfaction. To fully achieve these objectives in the long term, we use a business model based on an IT associate partnership and 3-layer consulting.

This allows us to fulfil the functions of both a software bureau and a business consultancy, without neglecting our stringent QA standards or the certifiability of our products and those of our customers.

What is an IT associate partnership?

Unlike our rivals, our services go beyond providing expert specialists. We allocate a personal consultant to your project, your customers or your assignment, from start to finish. Much like a trusted lawyer or tax advisor, we form a long-term partnership with our clients to address IT-process and quality-assurance issues. After all, in today’s world, IT is just as important to your company as taxes, finances and legal assistance.

Like a lawyer or tax advisor, we are well-acquainted with our clients and their specific problems with regard to IT and processes. This allows us to respond quickly to any new requirements. Each one of our consultants is supported by a team of experts, made up of skilled and experienced staff. You assign us a task, and we provide the specialists required to complete it.

What is 3-layer consulting?

We adapt to your wishes and your flexibility. You can order our services in separate modules – as your requirements dictate. Our services are split into three main levels:

Layer 1 – Mediation, consulting coaching

Processes are defined. Existing workflows are analysed and optimised.

We have CPRE-certified consultants to analyse requirements and current conditions, and we can provide thorough, transparent and intelligible consultation for the deployment of software and hardware components and new concepts for IT-based workflows.

Layer 2 – Software architecture, IT documentation, project management, project support

We design software and concepts on the basis of UML, ARIS or other modern methods, in line with the customer’s wishes.

Our software architects devise architecture descriptions and models. We document IT processes and projects using certified procedures. We also offer retrospective documentation (including re-engineering). We have extensive expertise in the presentation of specialist concepts, preliminary studies and operating manuals.

Layer 3 – Software testing, audits, code review, QA and development

Our specialists execute software projects using appropriate tools and languages. Our team also consists of certified testers and test managers, including automotive testing specialists.

On request, we can subject existing processes and software to quality assurance tests such as code reviews and audits. We will gladly provide suitable QA concepts for your particular applications and help you prepare for certifications.


seitcom GmbH
Prinz-Carl-Anlage 42
67547 Worms

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