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Prof. Dr. Lars Baumann

from Hannover has been teaching for over 10 years requirement engineering and International project management at Hochschule Hannover and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

The academic training began with a diploma for technical computer science and electrical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), followed by a Master's degree of Business Management (MBA), a Master of Renewable Energy and Green IT (M.Eng.) and ended with a Ph.D (Dr.-Ing. in Birmingham, UK).

In practice, Lars Baumann worked more than 20 years in the area of project management, requirements engineering and relevant training actively. The professional activities focus on small IT start-ups and M&A of companies, as well as management in companies in the field of requirements engineering, project management and software development. Currently he is managing director of probusiness group in Hannover.

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Advanced Level - Modeling RE@Agile Primer