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Alain Ribault


Since 2003, Alain has been the CTO of KEREVAL, a French software testing lab. From this time, Alain implies itself in the promotion of testing in France, as a Consultant (improvement of testing process, improvement of RE process, tooling of processes, KPIs implementation, etc.). In 2006, Alain became an active member of the CFTL (French Testing Board) and he participated in the preparation of testing trainings in order to propose KEREVAL as a ISTQB training provider.
In 2010, Alain has identified lacks in Requirements Engineering in France. Alain has integrated the REQB board as an active member; it contributed in the improvement of the REQB Foundation Level Syllabus, he proposed the split of Advanced Level Syllabi with a Syllabus for the RE Management and a Syllabus for the RE Development. Alain has also made a deep review of the REQB International Accreditation process.
In France, Alain is the Technical Director for Requirements Engineering, within the CFTL. He is the Chair of the RE Working Group and organizes each year the RE French Day (RE Conference).
As a ISTQB partner, Alain contributed in the preparation of the Advanced Level Security Tester Syllabus.

Alain is ISTQB Foundation certified, REQB Foundation certified and IREB Foundation certified.

Alain made different presentations in testing and in Requirements Engineering for the French Test Committee (during French Testing Conference and French Requirements Engineering Conference).

Associate member Working group member
Working group
French working group International Development