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Stefan Staal

Lasat Requirements

With more than 20 year of experience in the software development process I’ve learned and experienced that requirements and architecture are the foundation of performing a successful change in IT projects. In these 20 years I acted in different roles as a developer, tester, requirements engineer, architect and project leader. The centre point in all these roles are the requirements (or the lack of them). Therefor I believe that without a complete and correct set of requirements and an architecture that enables business needs an IT project is doomed to fail.

The last couple of years I worked mainly in agile environments and helped successfully the business and IT teams to adapt to this “new” paradigm in respect to requirements. Performing assignments for public companies (chamber of commerce, tax agency, correctional institutions) as well as private companies (Air services, automotive, technical automation).

I also publish articles, wrote chapters of a written IREB foundation course and am an experienced speaker on (dutch) events.

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