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Stefan Sturm


Stefan Sturm has been in the field of software and system development for 25 years, starting from basic writing source code in a whole bunch of programming languages and technologies including Java and Microsoft .NET.

His career path covered business analyst, requirements engineer, architect, project lead to the definition of systems and development processes to create these systems.

For about 12 years Stefan has been leading his own software company located in Karlsruhe, Germany. With his team he created individual software applications for global players as well as for small companies in many different industrial sectors. Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis played a major role in these projects and are amongst his core skills.

In April 2011, IREB founded the IREB GmbH as an operating company. As Managing Director of IREB GmbH, Stefan Sturm was responsible for all activities resulting from the growing worldwide success of the CPRE certificate until April 2023. As of May 2023, he handed over the management to Stan Bühne as part of a long-term handover strategy.


Editorial board member