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Wim Decoutere

Wim graduated in 2006 as a Master in Informatics. Faith, destiny or pure coincidence brought him to CTG, an IT consultancy company with almost 5000 employees located in the US, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, the UK, Colombia and India, specialized in different domains within IT. Wim started his career there in the testing industry and tested at different companies, in different sectors, which allowed him to easily switch contexts.

He soon discovered that he has a passion for teaching and coaching. Test Design Techniques, which allow you to derive test cases from requirements and requirements models, have no secrets for him. Over the years, he gave more and more training until there was no time left anymore for other tasks. Wim is now a full time trainer, spending his days reviewing syllabi, creating training material, coaching junior testers and obviously, giving trainings. ISTQB, IREB, Soft skills, SQL, … you name it and Wim probably trained someone in this matter.

Wim is a member of the BNTQB, the representatives of ISTQB for Belgium and The Netherlands. He has spoken on various conferences, including Eurostar and TestCon.

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