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Registration of your DDP certificate

Here you can register for the DDP Registry of Certified Professionals. Your data will then be listed on the Digital Design Professional website in the Registry of Certified DDPs.

There are three steps to register your DDP certificate:

  1. Entering the data as stated on the certificate
  2. Verification of the email address
  3. Verification of the certificate data at the certification body

Step 1 of 3

Please transfer the data from your DDP certificate to the corresponding fields – the data must match exactly!
In case the certificate has spelling mistakes, you have to maintain them, as otherwise the authenticity of the certificate cannot be verified by the certification body.

The compliance of the certificate data with the entered data on this site is an absolute prerequisite for the intended listing in the DDP Registry.

Your data from your certificate:

Warning, transfer the data from your certificate exactly
Uppercase and lowercase, blanks and special characters have to be preserved for all data.
No academic grades or name affixes!

- -

Voluntary Declaration of Consent
I consent to the collection of my entered personal data and information by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V. for the purpose of the authenticity check of the certificate and listing in the Register of Certified Professionals.
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If you give us your explicit consent, we collect the data of your certificate (first name, last name, email address, certification body, date of examination, level and ID of the certificate). Data processing is effected for the purpose of the authenticity check of the certificate as well as for your listing in the register of Register of Certified Professionals and on the basis of your voluntary consent in accordance with Art. 6 subsection 1 sentence 1 letter a GDPR. Personal data collected on the basis of your consent shall not be transferred to third parties beyond the purpose of collection, unless at least one of the rules of permission applies which are listed under item 3. of our data protection statement. If you revoke your consent to the listing in the Register of Certified Professionals, the personal data will be erased which had been collected from you on the basis of your consent and your entry in the Register of Certified Professionals on the IREB website will be erased. Our data privacy statement will provide you with details about our handling of your personal data and your rights vis-à-vis IREB. Unfortunately, you cannot register your certificate without giving your consent.