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IREB Unconference 2023
REquired skills to shape digital products

Building good digital solutions requires a wide range of skills and competencies from different areas - Requirements Engineering, user experience, customer experience, software architecture, future thinking and many more. At this year's IREB Unconference, we want to identify and discuss smart ways of collaboration between stakeholders from all areas (people, business and technology).
The focus of our Unconference this year is on the holistic design of digital solutions - from the vision to the finished solution - Digital Design.


As a renowned keynote speaker we could win Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck - take advantage of the IREB Unconference and do not miss his inspiring presentation!

Important info at a glance

What is an Unconference?

An unconference is an open space format and offers the perfect opportunity for direct and personal exchange with other experts. At an Unconference there is no predefined agenda and no predefined tracks. Rather, you define the agenda and actively contribute to the topics.

Who is our Unconference perfect for?

Everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the design and implementation of digital solutions will benefit from this unconference. Digital Design is much more than just design. The design of digital solutions requires a wide range of skills that often go beyond existing role profiles. We therefore see people who do Digital Design as bridge builders between the disciplines in order to design good digital solutions and to take responsibility for the solution.
For this reason, professionals from the areas of: UX, CX, Software Architecture, Security, Product Management, Innovation, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, BI, Agility, Service Design, Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis and anyone who wants to actively drive the design of digital solutions.

In the chosen format of the Unconference, the mix is the success - we are happy to welcome a colorful and lively community and thus experience the spirit full of creativity.

Focus of this Unconference

This year, everything circles around the skills and competencies needed to design good digital solutions. The prerequisite for this is to understand the triad between "People - Business - Technology" and to take it into account appropriately.

Digital Design - interdisciplinary.collaborative.pioneering

Our goal at the Unconference is to bring people together to engage in cross-disciplinary conversations, work together on questions and ideas, and ultimately design pioneering digital products.
With this in mind, IREB organizes the Digital Design Unconference as a platform for inspiration, development and networking.

What happens in detail?

You set the topics! There is no predefined agenda, no tracks. Rather, you define the agenda. You bring in your interest, your curiosity, your need for exchange, you can discuss your topics with others and take away new insights.

Possible topics include:

But, as I said: You set the topics - these are only inspirations!

Be curious about this special event in the format of an unconference.
Sign up now.. We are looking forward to seeing you!

More info

If you want to learn more about the ideas behind a Unconference or a Open Space, you can find the relevant information under the links provided.