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Service Open Space Event in the run-up to the IREB Annual General Meeting
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Welcome to the Digital Design Unconference!

Unconference on Digital Design in Open Space format

After several meetings and online trainings via Teams, Zoom, or Google Workspace, we are looking forward to the direct and personal exchange again. The Digital Design Unconference offers the perfect opportunity for this. In Open Space format, we will address and discuss exactly those digital design topics that are of particular interest to you as participants - spontaneously, together and competently.

Important info at a glance

The Corona measures and ordinances in effect at the time of the event will be followed.

Whom is the Digital Design Unconference for?

Everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the design and implementation of digital solutions will benefit. Digital Design is much more than design: it is a paradigm shift in the way digital solutions can be implemented in a more targeted manner.

In the chosen format of the Unconference, the colorful mix will be the success. From boss to employee, from corporate or startup, from classic industry to digital newcomer, from visionary to a maker or from UX expert to developer - we are happy to welcome a colorful and lively community and thus experience a spirit full of creativity.

Digital Design is the topic of this unconference

Digital Design is the fundamental approach of designing digital solutions in such a way that they fit naturally into our everyday lives. The basis of Digital Design is to regard digital as material – shapeable, workable, combinable. Digital designers have the responsibility to achieve the optimal digital solution with the symbiosis of digital with physical material. What does that mean in practice? - Well, that's exactly what we want to discover together in the unconference.

With this background, IREB, the International Requirements Engineering Board e.V., together with the Digital Design Initiative, organizes the Digital Design Unconference as a platform for inspiration, development, and networking.

What happens in detail?

You set the topics! There is no predefined agenda, no tracks. Rather, you define the agenda. You bring in your interest, your curiosity, your need for exchange, you can discuss your topics with others and take away new insights.

The thematic focus is on Digital Design - possible topics include:

But, as said before, you set the topics.

Of course, there will be an interesting keynote at the beginning of the event. We could win Renato Verdugo for this kick-off event. Be surprised and inspired!

Be curious about this special event in the format of an unconference and register.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

If you would like to learn more about the ideas behind an Unconference or Open Space, you can find the relevant information following the links provided.