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IREB exploRE 2024 - Warsaw

We are calling for all you Requirements Engineers, Business Analysts, Software- and System Engineers and everyone in between working with requirements! It's not every day we bring together so many IREB experts in one spot, but we've made it happen! Join us on April 25th in Warsaw, Poland for the IREB Conference!

At the conference, you'll get answers to all those burning questions you have about RE. We've lined up some great speakers like Anna Kochanowska, Elena Zhukova, Rainer Grau, Peter Hruschka and more to share their insights with you!

Beyond that, it's the perfect opportunity to meet and network with others in the field, explore, and maybe even find some new exciting opportunities.



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Name CV
Agnieszka Łozowicka
Agnieszka works as the Head of the Business Analyst department, and on a daily basis, she helps to find the best solutions for challenging problems. Her primary focus is on delivering value and building working relationships with clients. For the last 5 years, she has been developing her leadership skills and now supports a group of more than 50 Business Analysts. She believes that knowledge is most useful when shared, therefore she is a mentor for professionals at different stages of their professional development.
Anna Kochanowska
Anna is a Business Analyst with over 10 years of experience in financial compliance, regulatory affairs, and healthcare. She is deeply committed to product thinking and works to strengthen organizational capabilities for a more product-led and customer-centric approach. Anna also advocates for the adoption of a product mindset within the broader Business Analyst community, emphasizing its practical benefits for modern business analysis.
Elena Zhukova
For over 20 years, I've been helping executives in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and the USA effectively build and implement strategies. In my work, I use methods such as OKR (Objectives and Key Results), which I have implemented in 18 organizations. I've worked with companies in IT (software production), manufacturing, logistics, aviation, medical, e-commerce, gaming production, service, banking, and local government sectors. The scale of companies ranges from 50 to several thousand employees. I lead transformations in several organizations, building and leading teams, and working with leaders and teams in the transformation process. I'm an entrepreneur, mentor, facilitator, trainer in postgraduate studies, host live sessions coffee with OKRs, write articles, and share experiences at conferences in the USA and Europe. I truly love what I do, and I dream that every founder builds companies that bring them happiness and freedom. My current goal is to build a strong, stable consulting company that helps not just talking smart. I believe that everything is possible. I always see the positive side of life :) Privately, I live by the sea, have a dog, enjoy CrossFit, and according to Gallup's strengths, my top talents are ideation, strategy, input, achiever, activator, arranger, maximizer, relator, woo, and positivity. If you're seeking support in strategy creation, operationalizing strategies, working with leaders, implementing OKRs, mentoring, planning work, organizing workshops, or have any other interesting topic, feel free to email me at lena@okrpoland.pl.
Ewelina Eggert
Ewelina is a business systems analyst with 25 years of experience in variety of domains including FMGC, retail, heavy industry, automotive, pharma, agribusiness. She successfully implemented ERP, quality control solutions and CRM systems. Since 2017, she is business systems analyst team leader for a small team of up to 10 people. Starting 2019 – Business Analysis and Technical Writing team manager for up to 60 people. Mentor in IIBA Poland Chapter mentoring program. Focused on soft skills in business systems analysis practice. Currently: Business Systems Analysis Center of Excellence Director at Bunge
Grzegorz Skrzyński
Grzegorz is an analyst with around 10 years of experience in security and IT. He is a former university teacher at War Studies Academy, with a Phd in Security Studies. NATO, UE and Poland security clearance “SECRET”. Grzegorz currently works as a business/system analyst and requirements engineer. He is a fan of modeling, using UML, BPMN and Sparx Enterprise Architect.
Jacek Wieczorek
I believe that every organization has the potential to deliver more value in less time. I support companies in their change processes by advising on agile practices and successful product development. I first encountered Scrum in 2011 and was fascinated by the possibilities it offers. Since then, I have been practicing agility, working with organizations from various industries and creating diverse products, increasingly extending agility beyond the IT sector. I authored the book "Labirynty Scruma" and have published over 150 articles on agility. I co-creat the "Porządny Agile" podcast, the Agile247.pl portal, and the consulting firm "202 Procent". For more information about me, please visit jacekwieczorek.pl. Outside of work, I run and train in CrossFit and enjoy off-roading. In my spare time I tinker with my 1997 Jeep XJ.
Michał Bartyzel
For twenty years, I have worked as a software engineer, entrepreneur, trainer, consultant, and author. I help IT companies transition from being mere vendors to becoming valued business partners for their clients. I have authored several books that software professionals have found useful: Oprogramowanie szyte na miarę. Jak rozmawiać z klientem, który nie wie, czego chce? Getting Things Programmed. Droga do efektywności, Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals, Eseje o efektywności programistów. I share my best insights through my newsletter and blog, which can be found at https://www.michalbartyzel.pl.
Dr. Peter Hruschka
For more than 40 years, Peter is on the road as a missionary in good software and systems engineering. He is a principle of the Atlantic Systems Guild, Fellow of Agile Experts, Cofounder of req42 and arc42, the portals for agile requirements and software architects. He is also a founding member of IREB, author of many books and articles and co-author of two IREB Advanced Level scripts on requirements modeling and RE@Agile.
Piotr Biernacki
Piotr has been involved in modelling, analysis and improvement of business processes for over 30 years, including: Resulting from legal acts; Supported by automation tools. He is a consultant cooperating with EBRD in the area of public procurement processes.
Rainer Grau
Rainer is a complexity guide and partner at Smart System Guild. His motivation is to enable organizations and people to build customer-oriented products and services in our complex and fast-moving world. To achieve this, he draws on experience from Enterprise Agility, Lean, Servant Leadership, Business & System Architecture, regardless of whether these "tools" are hip and modern or classically proven. Besides his professional engagements Rainer teaches at universities of applied sciences, and is active in the lean & agile communities in Switzerland.
Sylwia Kopczyńska
Sylwia is a Software Engineer and Researcher. Over the past 15 years, Sylwia has gained experience designing and developing software systems while playing diverse roles across multiple industries. She has worked as an Analyst, Product Owner, as well as Full Stack and Backend Engineer in national and international projects in the domains of software development, insurance, transportation, human resources, travel, pharmacy, and accounting. Research-wise, she is interested in non-functional requirements, software quality, and the application of AI to software engineering problems. She contributed to the field by publishing over 20 papers in international journals. Sylwia plays an active role in the research community serving as a program board or organizing committee member for top-ranked conferences such as Requirements Engineering, REFSQ, and EASE.

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