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Expert Level - CPRE EL



  1. The candidate has to be a holder of at least three CPRE Advanced Level certificates.
    Up to two certificates can be substituted by other forms, e.g. university lectures clearly related to RE, certain certificates linked to other education schemes (e.g. CBAP, BCS Diploma in Business Analysis, .....), or a substantial publication.
  2. Activity as a Requirements Engineer in various roles and projects amounting to at least three years of full-time equivalent.
  3. Activity as a trainer or coach in the Requirements Engineering field.

For details see the Examination Regulations at the bottom of this page.

Why is there no syllabus?

Expertise as a level of knowledge and experience cannot be imparted through a syllabus or training course only. Many different building blocks need to come together to achieve expertise, such as continuous personal development, exchange with other experts and a permanent questioning of beliefs. Consequently, an Expert Level Syllabus or training courses do not exist!

What the CPRE EL examination comprises

The examination consists of three parts:

  1. Written application
  2. Written assignment
  3. Oral examination (face-to-face meeting or video conference at a dedicated place)

For details see the Examination Regulations at the bottom of this page.

Where to take the CPRE EL exam?

Contact a certification body in order to register for the exam.

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