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Time for Change

The drive for continuous improvement is part of our DNA. What makes IREB different? How are we perceived? How do we want to be perceived? How do we communicate the relevance and timeliness of our products even more strongly? - Important questions we have asked ourselves.

The outcome: We will change our corporate identity as well as corporate design, and we will give the IREB community even more attention!
On this page we show first examples of the future IREB look and inform about our motivation for the changes.

A comprehensive brand project

The results of an internally conducted survey were the trigger for our brand project, in which we comprehensively analyzed IREB's work and external perception and derived improvements from these findings.

IREB's success is based on the high quality of its content and the close, trustful cooperation with partners and members - this will definitely remain. Another important pillar for us is a strong community, which we want to strengthen and support even more.

The new claim

As a result of the brand project, our new claim was agreed in April 2023: Competence. Community. Certified.

This claim reflects our focus: to stand for maximum competence, a strong and motivated community and for certified professionals worldwide.

The new visual identity

The IREB logo and graphic world were also part of the brand project and have been given a fresh and modern look. The new corporate identity and corporate design developed over the past few months have been approved, so we will be introducing them gradually over the coming weeks and months.

Old and new side by side

We are working intensively to convert all IREB artifacts, the website and the RE Magazine to the new corporate design. The changeover is taking place in stages. In particular, on our website and social media, both the old and new designs will temporarily coexist, but we will ensure that our visitors always recognize that they are on the right page, regardless of whether they are familiar with the old or new design.

The changeover to the new corporate design will be completed during 2024.

On this website, we will provide new offers for the community in the coming months.