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CPRE Foundation Level - The basis for your RE career
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Foundation Level - CPRE FL

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Target audience

The Foundation Level addresses the advanced beginner in Requirements Engineering and provides the core knowledge of this topic. Everyone working with Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis, software and systems development, who is demanding in terms of quality and professionalism, should strive for it. The Foundation Level encompasses the elicitation of requirements with appropriate documentation, requirements verification and validation as well as their management throughout the end-to-end product life cycle.
There are no prerequisites to applying for the Foundation Level.

Skills acquired through the CPRE FL certificate

A person with a CPRE FL certificate

The CPRE FL Syllabus

For the education in the Foundation Level the syllabus is available in the following languages:

See the downloads at the bottom of this page

How to get prepared for the CPRE FL exam?

The basis for the teaching content is provided by the CPRE FL syllabus, the CPRE Glossary, the book Requirements Engineering Fundamentals and the CPRE FL handbook.

Classroom training

Attending a CPRE training course is recommended but not mandatory. The training providers recognized by IREB can prepare participants optimally for the exam.
For further information see training

Online training

Especially for CPRE aspirants in countries where CPRE training providers are few and far between, an online training course can be a good alternative to classroom training.
For available online training courses see online training


It is also possible to prepare for the CPRE exam via self-study.

What the CPRE FL examination comprises

The examination consists of a written examination (multiple choice test).
For further information see exams

Where to take the CPRE exam?

Training providers usually offer packages that include both the CPRE training course and the sitting of the subsequent exam on-site, administered by an independent certification body.
Following an online training course or a self-study course the CPRE exam can also be taken in a test center or as a remote proctored exam.
For possibilities to take the exam see the list of certification bodies.

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