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The road to your CPRE certificate

IREB has stipulated an exam process for each CPRE level and provides the exam questions. These are consistent worldwide and are available in several languages.

As required by ISO/IEC 17024:2012, IREB is not involved in the certification process itself: this is under the sole responsibility of licensed certification bodies. The certification bodies conduct the exams based on the examination questions provided by IREB, evaluate the results and issue certificates, on behalf of IREB, to all successful candidates.
Passing an exam is necessary to obtain the CPRE certificate at any particular level. CPRE certificates have lifetime validity.

Form of the exam

The exam can be taken either in conventional paper-based form, on tablet PC or as a PC-based online test. In all cases the exam is a multiple choice test – the same questions, the same duration.

Paper-based exams and exams on tablet PC

If you attend a classroom training course, the training provider will organize the subsequent exam with the certification body. These exams will either be performed as paper-based tests or on a tablet PC.
The certification bodies also regularly offer dates for public exams. These are displayed on the certification body's website, or can be enquired about directly at the certification bodies.

Online exams

Online exams can be taken on a PC in a test center or as a remote exam, each under proctored supervision.

Looking for a possibility to take the exam?

Currently online exams are conducted by our partner iSQI via PEARSON VUE and by our partner Certible via PROMETRIC.
For information on public exams consult the certification bodies' websites, where you can find the times and dates of upcoming exams, as well as information about the application process.
For further information see certification bodies.


The pricing for the certification is fixed by each certification body individually and may differ for different countries. The certification bodies can provide you with precise exam costs.

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  • Are there transition periods for exams after a new syllabus version has been published?

    In the case of syllabus updates, a transition period allows candidates to choose on which syllabus version they take the exam.
    This is to ensure that anyone who prepared based on the syllabus of a previous version can take the exam based on that syllabus content - even if a new version has already been launched.

    Information on transition periods for the Foundation Level and RE@Agile Primer can be found in the text when downloading the relevant syllabus. For the Advanced Level modules, the transition periods are defined in the examination regulations.

  • How do I know whether I have passed the exam?

    The certification body sends the result by post to the address stated by the examinee on application. If you have passed the exam, you will receive your certificate together with the result.
    If you take the exam online you get your result immediately after the examination. The certificate will be delivered to you later by post. The certificate obtained via an online exam is dispatched within the same time as the results of conventional exams.

  • How do I register for the exam?

    The certification bodies offer public examinations or they provide the exam after a training course. Online exams in a test center are available as well. You register for a public examination directly at the certification body. The scheduled dates for public examinations are published on their websites.
    Alternatively, remote exams conducted under supervision are also possible.

    Usually the examination subsequent to a training course is organized by the training provider. They will handle the registration for you.
    You can also sit for the exam at a training provider without having attended the course. Please contact the training provider in advance in order to clarify the procedure.

  • In which language can I take the exam?

    The following languages are available for the exams:

    Foundation Level:

    • Chinese (Mandarin)
    • Dutch
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Persian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish

    Advanced Level:
    all modules

    • English
    • German

    Requirements Elicitation only

    • French
  • Must the CPRE exam be taken immediately after the training course?

    The CPRE exam can be taken immediately after the training, but this is not essential. If the participant of the course does not feel confident to take the exam immediately he or she should consult the trainer if it may be better to sit for the certification at a later stage. This would allow more time to become familiar with the topics where the participant still has gaps and thus only sitting the exam when fully prepared.

    For this reason for the Advanced Level exam there is a period of 12 months after having passed the multiple choice exam for the submission of the homework (written assignment). This gives the candidate the opportunity to gather further practical experience in the chosen topic which may be incorporated in the written work.

  • What does the exam look like?

    The exam in the Foundation Level is a multiple choice questionnaire. For details see the exam regulations of the Foundation Level.
    The exam in the Advanced Level consists of a multiple choice questionnaire to achieve the Practitioner certificate and a written assignment for achieving the Specialist certificate. For details see the exam regulations of the Advanced Level.

  • When I haven’t passed the exam is it possible to retake the exam or is it necessary to repeat the training?

    A rerun of the training course before repeating the exam is not necessary.
    The exam can be retaken at most twice without a waiting period. If you fail the exam for the third time you may only retake it one year after the third exam date at the earliest.