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Convert REQB certificates into IREB CPRE certificates


In January 2017 REQB® was integrated into IREB®, and since then only a single CPRE certification scheme is offered under IREB.
This merger has no effect on the validity of the REQB certificates – all REQB certificates remain valid.

Conversion of the REQB Foundation Level certificate to an IREB CPRE Foundation Level certificate is required in order to be eligible for IREB CPRE Advanced Level certification.

For the registration as CPRE in the CPRE Registry, the corresponding REQB certificate must also have been converted into an IREB CPRE certificate beforehand.

The conversion is always free of charge.

Certificate conversion

The following REQB certificates can be converted into the corresponding CPRE certificate:

There is no conversion of the REQB Advanced Level certificate. However, this certificate is accepted as one of the prerequisites for the IREB® CPRE Expert Level, and it can directly be registered in the CPRE Registry.

Request for a conversion

Our partner GASQ - the former responsible body for REQB certification - has provided a form to request the conversion of your REQB certificate.
For further questions regarding the conversion of REQB certificates, please contact GASQ directly at info@gasq.org.

More information

The FAQs give further information about the merger of REQB and IREB and its effects.