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Do you intend to offer CPRE training courses?


Benefit from being a recognized CPRE training provider

IREB supports recognized training providers in the following ways:


On receiving recognition from IREB, training providers commit themselves to offering training courses that are in line with the IREB syllabi and to only appointing CPRE-certified trainers. The mutual obligations between IREB and a training provider are stipulated by contract.

Contract details

The contract is valid for one year (from 01 January to 31 December). Depending on the number of training courses conducted per year, a fee is to be paid for IREB-recognition. The fees are depending on the geographic area where you operate, e.g. for Europe they are:

For other regions please contact us.

If you have decided to apply for recognition from IREB as a training provider, please contact us via e-mail to info@ireb.org.

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  • Do I have to look for a training provider and a certification body if I’m interested in the CPRE certificate?

    The concept of the CPRE certification follows the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard, which stipulate the strict separation of training and certification, thus avoiding conflicts of interest. CPRE training providers and CPRE certification bodies are personally and organizationally independent organizations.
    However, this does not mean that the person who wants to obtain the CPRE certificate must find both a provider of the training as well as a certification body that finally conducts the exam and issues the certificate.
    Almost all CPRE training providers offer a full service:
    Booking a training course covers the training itself and the organization of the exam, which is conducted by an independent certifier.
    So the participant has exactly one contact for the complete CPRE certificate package.

  • What does it mean: IREB and REQB join forces?

    What happens with REQB®?

    REQB® will be integrated into IREB® and all REQB® members are welcome to become members of the IREB® organization. REQB® members may become members of the existing IREB® working groups and an International Development group, consisting of IR IREB® and REQB® members, will be established to further internationalize and grow certification in Requirements Engineering.

    Which certification scheme will be continued?

    There will be a single RE certification scheme, presented under the IREB® brand, based on the current IREB® CPRE certification scheme. Contents from the REQB® certifications will be integrated where appropriate.

    What certificates will be available?

    After October 1st, 2017 only IREB® CPRE certificates will be issued.

    What happens to my REQB® certificate? Does it remain fully valid?

    All REQB certificates keep their validity.

    • Holders of the REQB® Foundation Level certificate may convert it free of charge into an IREB® CPRE Foundation Level certificate in order to follow the IREB® CPRE Advanced Level career path.
    • Holders of the REQB® Agile Practitioner certificate may convert it free of charge into an IREB® CPRE RE@Agile Primer certificate.
    • REQB® Advanced Level certificates will be accepted as one of the required prerequisites for the IREB® CPRE Expert Level.

    Where can I request the change of my REQB certificate?

    Our partner GASQ has provided a form where you can request the change of your REQB certificate .
    Please contact GASQ at info@gasq.org for further information on the conversion of certificates.

    Is it possible to apply for IREB® CPRE® certification with an REQB® certificate?

    Conversion of the REQB® Foundation Level certificate to an IREB® CPRE Foundation Level certificate is required in order to be eligible for IREB® CPRE Advanced Level certification (see above).

    For the IREB® CPRE Expert Level, the REQB® Advanced Level certificate will be accepted as one of the required prerequisites.

    Is it possible to register the REQB® certificate in the CPRE Registry of IREB®?

    The following REQB® certificates can be registered after conversion to the corresponding IREB certificate:

    • REQB® Foundation Level certificate, as IREB CPRE Foundation Level certificate
    • REQB® Agile Pactitioner certificate, as IREB RE@Agile Primer certificate

    Registration without previous conversion:

    • REQB® Advanced Level certificate (no conversion possible)

    What happens to the REQB® training providers?

    All REQB® training providers may offer IREB® CPRE training courses and become official training providers of IREB®.
    Existing contracts between training providers and REQB® will be fulfilled by IREB®.

    Who can I contact if I have questions about my old certificate?

    Please send a mail to info@gasq.org