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CPRE Advanced Level - Specialization in RE
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Advanced Level - CPRE AL

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Target audience

The Advanced Level addresses the holders of the CPRE Foundation Level certificate, who want to deepen their knowledge of particular Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis activities.

Setup of the CPRE AL and acquired skills

At CPRE Advanced Level, there are two stages for each module (see below) - Practitioner and based on this, Specialist. Each of them has its own exam and for each a separate certificate is awarded.
The holder of a CPRE AL certificate

Available CPRE AL modules

Four independent modules are available:

For each module there are two stages: Practitioner and Specialist.

CPRE AL Syllabi, scripts and exams

For all AL modules syllabi, scripts, multiple-choice practice examinations (Practitioner exam) as well as the task definition for the written assignment (Specialist exam) are available.
See the downloads at the bottom of this page.

How to get prepared for the CPRE AL level exam?

The basis for the teaching content is provided by the CPRE AL syllabus and scripts of the respective modules, as well as the CPRE Glossary.

Classroom training

Attendance of a CPRE training course is recommended but not mandatory. The training providers recognized by IREB can prepare the participants optimally for the exam.
For further information see training


It is also possible to prepare for the CPRE exam via self-study.

Where to take the CPRE AL exams?

Practitioner exam
Training providers usually offer packages that include both the CPRE training course and the sitting of the subsequent multiple-choice exam on-site, administered by an independent certification body.
Following self-study you will need to contact a certification body in order to register for the exam.
Specialist exam
For submission details of the written assignment, contact the certification body.

For possibilities to take the exam see the list of certification bodies.

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  • Do I have to take the CPRE Advanced Level Specialist exam within a certain period of time after the CPRE Advanced Level Practitioner exam?

    No, this is not required. The CPRE Advanced Level Specialist exam can be taken at any time, there is no temporal link. The CPRE Advanced Level Practitioner certificate is a prerequisite for the further CPRE Advanced Level Specialist exam in the same module; beyond that, they are distinct certificates.

  • I hold a CPRE Advanced Level certificate of one of the CPRE Advanced Level modules issued before July 1, 2022. Is this certificate still valid?

    Yes, a CPRE Advanced Level certificate issued before July 1, 2022 is 1:1 equivalent to the CPRE Advanced Level Specialist and continues to have lifetime validity. See the graphic showing the relation of the CPRE Advanced Level certificates.

  • I passed the multiple-choice exam on one of the CPRE Advanced Level modules before July 1, 2022 ( the date of the Advanced Level exam split), but I did not pass the written assignment. Can I get the CPRE Advanced Level Practitioner certificate?

    Until December 31, 2023 it is possible to request the CPRE Advanced Level Practicioner certificate of the corresponding module for the passed multiple-choice exam from the certification body where you took the exam. Any costs incurred must be requested directly from the Certification Body.

  • What does the exam look like?

    The exam in the Foundation Level is a multiple choice questionnaire. For details see the exam regulations of the Foundation Level.
    The exam in the Advanced Level consists of a multiple choice questionnaire to achieve the Practitioner certificate and a written assignment for achieving the Specialist certificate. For details see the exam regulations of the Advanced Level.

  • Where can I find information on the written work (e.g. the tast definition) for the CPRE Advanced Level Specialist?

    The download area contains the relevant documents and information for each module: Advanced Level written assignment