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The CPRE Glossary

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Your pocket guide for a consistent understanding

IREB offers two glossaries. The 'CPRE Glossary contains the most important terms in requirements engineering for all CPRE modules and levels. The RE@Agile Glossary* complements the CPRE Glossary with terms for Requirements Engineering in the agile environment.

In addition to preparing for a CPRE exam, both glossaries also help to achieve a consistent understanding and use of terms in everyday work. This is crucial in order to communicate smoothly and unambiguously within the team, across projects, and with international partners - regardless of whether in an agile or traditional environment.

The glossaries are available in the following languages:

CPRE Glossary

RE@Agile Glossary

The definitions of terms in the glossaries are deliberately in English only, in order to exclude any vagueness or scope for interpretation that may result from translations.

A download is available at the bottom of this page.

The CPRE Glossary as Online Glossary

The CPRE Online Glossary offers a faster way to find definitions and translations.
The use is free of charge and possible without registration on this website.

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  • Are there transition periods for exams after a new syllabus version has been published?

    In the case of syllabus updates, a transition period allows candidates to choose on which syllabus version they take the exam.
    This is to ensure that anyone who prepared based on the syllabus of a previous version can take the exam based on that syllabus content - even if a new version has already been launched.

    Information on transition periods for the Foundation Level and RE@Agile Primer can be found in the text when downloading the relevant syllabus. For the Advanced Level modules, the transition periods are defined in the examination regulations.